Halloween Jeep Duck Sets with Tags

Halloween Jeep Duck Sets with Tags

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Our pre-packaged sets of Halloween ducks and tags contain randomly assorted 2" - 2.5" Halloween ducks with our colorfully printed Halloween DuckDuckJeep tags. 

With an assortment of Halloween and Costumed ducks, you can choose a duck to fit the personality of each Jeep you are ducking for the season of ghouls and ghosts!

  • Manufactured out of vinyl
  • Approximately 2" - 2.5" in size
  • Not weighted; not guaranteed to float upright
  • Assorted Halloween styles, which may be different than what is shown in pictures
  • Quick turnaround time - most orders ship in 1-2 days after order
  • Sold as-is, no refunds, returns or exchanges on this item.
  • Sorry, but additional discounts or free duck tags are not able to be redeemed with this product.
  • One Halloween Duck Tag included with each duck purchased in this  Duck Set.
  • Tags may vary from that shown in the picture.

*Not affiliated with Jeep, nor are these ducks branded as "Jeep" or in the appearance of a Jeep; they are offered at a discounted price with tags for the fun of ducking other Jeep's.