SALE! - Mystery Random Ducks with Mystery Duck Tags

SALE! - Mystery Random Ducks with Mystery Duck Tags

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When you order this set of #DuckDuckJeep ducks and tags, you are getting our surplus, whatever we have. It could be a past (or future) holiday, or just random ducks. And, the tags can be whatever. What we guarantee is that you'll receive the number of ducks and tags you order. Simply choose the quantity in pre-packaged sets of ducks and tags (25, 50 or 100) you would like, and we will send you that quantity of randomly assorted 2" - 2.5" ducks with our colorfully printed DuckDuckJeep tags.

Over 750,000 sold! Get yours today! 

  • Manufactured out of vinyl
  • Approximately 2" - 2.5" in size
  • Not weighted; not guaranteed to float upright
  • Assorted styles, which may be different than what is shown in pictures
  • Pre-packaged sets are available in quantities of 25, 50 and 100 ducks & tags
  • Quick turnaround time - ships in 1-2 days after order in most cases
  • Sold as-is, no refunds, returns or exchanges on this item.
  • Sorry, but additional discounts or free duck tags are not able to be redeemed with this product.
  • One random Duck Tag included with each duck purchased in a Jeep Duck Set.
  • Tags may vary from that shown in the picture.

*Not affiliated with Jeep, nor are these ducks branded as "Jeep" or in the appearance of a Jeep; they are offered at a discounted price with tags for the fun of ducking other Jeep's.