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About Us - is a byproduct of the laundromat we built, Squeaky Clean Laundry Co., which opened its first store in Peoria, IL in 2002.  Prior to opening the laundry, the advertising company that worked on the logo was given complete creative freedom to "brand" the new concept, but the logo must have a yellow rubber duck in it.  Asked why a yellow rubber duck, and Josh simply stated "people cannot be unhappy with a yellow rubber duck, it's impossible!  Can you think of a negative connotation concerning a rubber duck?  Nope, we didn't think so.  Additionally, it conveys a 'clean' feeling as well."

Now that you know how Squeaky Clean got a yellow rubber duck as its mascot, you ask how did come to be?  After being in business a couple months, Josh & Danette noticed that customers continued to come to the desk asking if they could purchase rubber ducks.  At the time, they had not thought of selling rubber ducks, but as they say "necessity is the        mother of invention," and Josh came in the next week with an aquarium filled with bright and shiny yellow rubber ducks.  One by one the ducks sold, and Josh had to keep filling the tank.  A year or so after, the first rubber duck was added to the website, and he began selling.  Eventually, the site grew, as did our customer base. 

In an effort to "brand" our rubber ducks, we decided to expand the ducks into "" as a stand alone company, separate from our laundromat.  Since November 2005, we have proudly sold hundreds of ducks, and continue to add new ducks to our store every month. While we no longer own the laundromat (we sold it in 2016), the ducks remain a fixture in our lives.


We both believe in helping out the community, and assisting good causes.  Below are five of the causes we most strongly believe in, and yearly, we donate a percentage of our proceeds to them to help either stamp out child abuse, child neglect, to make children happy, and to empower those with cancer to live their lives to the fullest.  For more information on the philanthropies we support, click on their names to link to their respective websites.